Monday, October 29, 2007

Party On Without Tempation

I went to a Halloween Party on Saturday. I was outside, drinking beer, surrounded by smokers.

My only temptation was to tell them that they could free themselves from a nasty habit by taking Chantix.

I was not even a little tempted to bum a smoke or beg for a drag. Not even a little.

Free at last! Free At last! Thank God Almighty I'm Free At Last!


Susie said...

I quit smoking 25 days ago and am using Chantix. This Saturday I am going to my first event since quiting that will put me around smoking. I hope I can feel the way you did! I'm a bit worried, mostly because I didn't really want to quit smoking in the first place! Wish me luck! Susie

Tracee said...

The big question is - how do you feel about your quit now? Do you like NOT smoking? Do you want to hang on to that? I suspect that even if you did smoke it would taste nasty and not give you what you want.

Good luck Susie - little virtual prayer sent up now for your successful night out.