Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dirty Laundry

Where are you in your Chantix Quit?

If you really look at this picture you'll see my 18-month-old baby in the dryer. I was folding clothes and he climbed in to eat his orange.

There are lots of responses a person can have to this type of thing.

1. Laugh and take a picture. Focus on the dopamine getting to your brain. Experiencing joy in its moments and appreciating the little things in life.

2. Anger. Who the hell would let her baby climb in the dryer? Someone call CPS and report this! or Get out of that dryer! Don't you ever do that again! Bad Baby, Bad!

3. Fear and catastrophizing. Oh my God, what if the baby could do this while it's on? What if he locks himself in there?

4. Slam the dryer door shut and turn it on. That will teach you!

What's your most likely response right now?


bob m said...

Tracee, my most likely response is #1.

Life is too short to make a big deal out of nothing - your son was not in any danger, and you saw the humor in this situation and took a picture that you can share with him when he's older.

Stay quit!

Tracee said...

I'm with you Bob M. You sound like you're pretty stable in your quest to quit smoking.

Find joy people. Find joy.

Jen said...

I would have to shove my other 2 children in the dryer before hunting down my camera!
I am on day 2. Thank you for your thoughts and support. I am going to continue reading.