Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Moving Day

We just bought our first home.

It didn't hurt our savings and our ability to put a down payment on a house to quit spending $5-$10 a day on smokes. Duh, what a freaking waste of money that was.

This is a place with no smoking memories. I have never stepped out on the front porch to smoke here. Or hidden an emergency cigarette above the door or in my husband's closet. A fresh start is always nice.

A friend of my husband's came to help us move and had to take multiple smoke breaks. I wasn't even tempted to steal away with him and smuggle drags off his cigarette.


I'm free of that prison of my own making. I never want to chain myself to smoking again. It's a drain on both time and money. It's a drain on my emotional life and my connections to other people. It's a terrible example to my children and frankly, it might actually kill me.

His friend and I had a quitting conversation. You know, the same one you had a million times when you were trying to find any reason to keep your addiction going.

My doctor wouldn't give me the prescription.
Fire him. Get a new doctor.
I can't afford the prescription.
The prescription is cheaper than cigarettes.
I told my insurance I'm a non-smoker, they won't cover it.
Even if you go to a new doctor and pay full price for the visit, and then pay full price for the prescription for 3 months, it is still cheaper than the never-ending drain on your financial life that continuing to smoke is.
But, then I'd have to have the money all at once instead of $5 at a time.
Well, perhaps one day you'll be ready.

Thank God I was finally ready. Are you ready to be a quitter?


Mz Diva said...

Congratulations on your new house and quitting! I hope one day that I will use all of the funds I save for something wonderful such as a new home instead of paying to kill myself slowly! I was one of those people who made excuses and did not really want to quit! Thank God I finally woke up! Will you link my blog to yours? I am looking to expand my Chantix/quitting network.

Tracee said...

Done Deal Ms. Diva.

No more excuses - be a quitter now. You can do it.

Mz Diva said...

Thanks so much...I just found your blog and many of the things you wrote really inspired me. I have been on Chantix since November 1st and have not smoked or used nicotine replacement since November 11th 2007. I am DONE with Phillip Morris OWNING my soul! I am going to take your advice and start posting the "I am a non-smoker" phrase around me and my belongings! I quit smoking cigarettes and now I want to feel and believe that I am a real non-smoker! Thanks for the inspiration and the link.

holly said...

I took my very first Chantix pill today, my quit date is Dec. 26th. After seeing how lame the Chantix on-line support is (so far) I went looking and found your encouraging blog. I'm not panicking yet, as I have a few days of smoking left-but I'm definitely looking for experienced Chantixers to help me through. I've been smoking for 40 years, it's the only way of life I remember! The comments on your blog sound like success stories which I need to hear.

Tracee said...

Holly, congradulations to you for making this fantastic decision for yourself.

Quitting smoking is a hard road - I won't lie to you. But, it is a road worth taking because it leads to freedom and you deserve that.

Whenever you need an encouraging word, just leave a comment here and I'd be glad to chime in with some encouragement.

In only a few short months I really and truly feel freed from that nasty addiction which controlled my life. I'm so glad you've chosen freedom too!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your home purchase. It looks like a beautiful place.I love the pics of your kids. Very cute and good inspiration for you to stay quit! I was going to let Holly know of another website for people who are using chantix and are at various levels of the quitting game. onchantix.com has alot of encouraging bloggers on it also.

Brandie said...

Hi! I followed a list of links and eventually wound up at your blog. I love your posts, and they inspire me so much! I'm on the Chantix, and quitting on Monday (Christmas Eve) so I've been reading up all I can, getting as much support as possible. Thanks so much for your posts! I hope you don't mind that I linked to you. Congrats on the new house!!! You sound like you're doing wonderful with the whole quitting thing!

Tracee said...

Brandie - it is a priveledge to inspire you to quit.

What a wonderful day to quit - Christmas Eve. Over the next few months you will be giving birth to a new you.

You can do it!