Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Told You

I told you you could make it through Christmas without smoking.

Of course you could.

I knew it all along.

As a reward, every Christmas from here on out will be smoke-free. And by free I mean free of thoughts of smoking too. By next Christmas you'll be a full fledged non-smoker who doesn't think about smoking. Cause why would you? Non-smokers don't think about smoking.

Now that you've made it through the stress of the Holidays . . .

You can make it through anything.



Pat yourself on the back please. You did very, very well.

And if you cheated - well, a lapse isn't a relapse. You quit again today. Right?



Brandie said...

Great post! I DID make it through my first Christmas as a non-smoker. Thanks for your great posts!

Tracee said...

See - I knew you could do it Brandie!

Who else did it?

Anonymous said...

I made it! Even with my family at my house! And yes, I did pat myself on the back.

nancy said...

I did it too! It was great..wasn't sneaking out before and after gifts/dinner away from the entire non-smoking extended family coming in all smelly - getting stink-eye from the sister-in-law because she knew where I had been. Yahoo, even had some wine and didn't really bother me. Kudos to us all!