Thursday, September 27, 2007

Night Terrors

I've had a few night terrors since taking Chantix. Two of them were while I was taking the medication and one was recently (I weened off the medication about 2 months ago).

Most of my dreams while taking Chantix were more vivid than bothersome. Most people seem to be reporting funny or silly dreams or no dreams. Or the same dreams, but more ability to remember them.

By night terror I mean, for a minute I believed what was happening was real life. While I was dreaming I didn't, for a brief moment, understand that I was not awake. And my dreams took on the nature of horrific. They included real fears I know that I have - my child dying, a divorce. I understand those fears and I know where they come from so they're easier to tolerate and move on from in the morning.

Only one of them - a man with a gun rushing into our bedroom while we were sleeping, me waking to know that I am being shot and there is nothing I can do to save myself or my family. I don't know that I've ever dreamed of my own murder before.

Dreaming that was horrible and it effected my mood for days.

We can turn our dreams off. We have the ability to wake ourselves up. I don't know if you've discovered this ability in yourself. It's a skill I taught myself as a child. It takes some practice but, I think everyone has the ability, if they really focus, to wake themselves. You can just say to your self "I'm asleep. This is only a dream. This will be over quickly. I am going to wake up now."

I teach this skill to my kids too.

But, as I said. This was only a few times and it's still worth it to me to have these dreams and be a non-smoker.

I should also note that during my worst night terror I had taken Melatonin, a natural sleep remedy, that may have effected my dreaming.


Anonymous said...

I have experienced the same problem while quitting smoking. I am not taking any medication, but I am on the patch. I think it is a symptom of nicotene withdrawl. I hope it doesnt last too long :(

Anonymous said...

I've been on the medication now for under a month and I, too, experience the worst dreams I've ever had. I rarely would remember any dream before Chantix for a good 6 months...not now. i dream everynight, usually 2 or 3 different dreams PER NIGHT. and i go to bed late b/c i dont want to dream. I just had one and awoke five mins ago. it's 3:52am and I'm anxiety-ridden about going to sleep. No desire to smoke, but this comes at a high cost. They're so very realistic and frightening! --ericka


I too am expereincing night terrors, but they are in segments like a soap opera. picking up where it left off to the man in tan walking away and starting the next one just as I had left the last one. Pure terror. He is a wolf in sheeps skin and I have witnessed my husband being strangled. Had to skip last night. But this drug does work. I took it before but cant remember them being this bad. I too dont want to go to bed at night, but I am on xanax, and took 2 last night and prayed to the Lord above to wrap me in his arms while I go thru this....and I am not real religios, but I am Spiritual and beleive in a higher power, and missed the man in tan for the night! Like I said , Pure Terror!