Thursday, November 1, 2007

Real Sorrow and Real Strength

A friend on Blog Fabulous reported her sorrow when one of her students committed suicide. Can she really not smoke to get through it?

Another friend reported on the same day that her husband was diagnosed with leukemia. Can she really not smoke through that?

She can. Both of them.

Real strength is realizing that smoking never solved a single problem. It never made you think more clearly, it never helped you cope with stress. Smoking now will have a detrimental effect on someone who has leukemia, it will harm both the self and the husband. Smoking now will not bring a student back to life or heal the pain of one lost.

Those are very real stressors. It takes more maturity to deal with now that the crutch of smoking has vanished.

You can alldo this. I know you can. Now that you no longer believe the smoking lie, you can find the strength and resources to cope with these problems in a real and mature way.

I know you can.


Tara said...

Thank you so much for that!
I am happy to say that the funeral went well with a very strong message for all the students attending.
I am also happy to report that I am still SMOKE FREE!

Tracee said...

Tara - I think you might officially be a non-smoker now. If you didn't smoke through that. Well, you're golden. It's a new you, with all new freedom.

I'm so proud of you!