Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Master Your Mind

If you are quitting smoking, especially with Chantix, you've realized that while your body has a physical addiction the real challenge is to change your mind.

The nature of addiction is that your mind and thoughts are obsessive about one substance or activity - in this case smoking - and unless you regain control of it, you'll be tied to the addiction forever.

Pre-Chantix I literally thought about smoking in an obsessive, distracting and relentless way. Talk about being controlled by smoking. I did not even have autonomous control over my own thoughts.

Every thought was connected to smoking in some way. I'll finish this task after I smoke. I'll deal with my husband after I smoke. When I finish smoking I'll finish writing. I'll be happy if I just have a smoke. I can't be happy unless I'm smoking. Do I have enough money for smokes?

When all my thoughts were consumed with the desperate and uncontrollable need to smoke I was very, very unhappy!

Once the Chantix helped me eliminate my need for smoking, I had nothing to think about. Does that make any sense? All the sudden I had all this free brain power. I found my mind was ready and willing to go into negativity.

It's like a habit, even a hobby my brain had. I'd replay arguments with my husband, I'd go over negative conversations with friends. I'd go back to bad experiences and events and relive them.

Fact One in life is that reliving or replaying negative events can't change them. You can't rewrite the past. So what good is it to revisit it? It doesn't help us get anywhere.

Negative thinking felt like as much a habit as the smoking did, only now that I wasn't thinking about smoking, I had more time for negative thinking.

This isn't a harmless hobby or habit. Have you heard of the law of attraction, which simply states that our reality is the product of our thoughts? If there is even limited truth in this statement, then negative thinking has direct negative consequences on our realities.

I've dedicated the last few months of retraining my thoughts. I've used various techniques to break my nasty negative thinking habit.

I've been experimenting with the law of attraction by listening to a program called The Law of Attraction Action Pack presented by Master Mind Mentor that I won (attracted) on a radio show.

It takes effort to master ones' own mind. But, if you can't even control your own thoughts, what on earth can you control?

With my smoking, I also gave up a little cynicism. I realized that I couldn't quit smoking alone - I needed Chantix, God, moral support from other quitters and help to retrain my thinking. You've started the Chantix, maybe your praying for help with your quit, and you're coming here for moral support.

I invite you to add to that, tools that will help you have better control over your own mind with Law of Attraction Action Pack presented by Master Mind Mentor. It's a 7 day audio program that will take you through meditation and some brain training to help you put more focus on what you DO want instead of what you DON'T want.


Mz Diva said...

I can so relate to smoking taking up tons of mental time as well as the physical time needed to go out and suck in poison! I spent tons of time plotting and planning when I could get a smoke in. The law of attraction thing sounds great. When I have some time, I will have to check it out. Is there a book or is it only on audio tape? I am dealing with some identity theft stuff so after I do damage control, I would like to attract some different things into my life, like not having to keep watch on my credit.
Peace and thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Major relapse. Feels like 3 months down the drain. Anger. Guilt. Can't get my head around it all. 35 years of smoking and I feel like it OWNS me. Back on Chantix and will try again. My husband and boys so sweet and understanding...makes it worse, I think! Thanks for listening, Tracee. Susie

Brandie said...

I agree. Quitting smoking is so difficult because it's so well integrated into your life. You quit smoking, and it's like pulling a out a vital thread; everything unravels, and you're stuck trying to piece it back together again.

I would like to thank you for being so strong, and doing this whole thing before I even got to this point, because the support you and others have given has been as effective, if not more so, than the Chantix.

Tracee said...

Brandie - you are so welcome. It's very true that the social support is as vital as the Chantix.

That's why AA or NA is effective in overcoming addiction. Social support.

Dear Susie, You get your own post today.