Monday, February 18, 2008

Instead of Smoking

Instead of smoking might I recommend these healthy alternatives?

Mah Jong or other computer games that utilize both the brain and the hands.

A new hobby like Knitting or Crotchetting. You really want to use your mind as much as your body when attempting to distract yourself.

I also highly recommend engaging the body in a respectful and challenging way (in other words get off the couch so you'll stop obsessing about smoking). Kickboxing and yoga are my favorite ways to whip my new self into shape and engage my body in a challenge.

Discover something new about yourself. Give yourself persmission to LEARN something new. You're brain has been allowed to slide a little while smoking. Time to work it.


Brandie said...

DDR (Dance Dance Reveloution) has been my way of coping. It's so much fun, and great excercise! And it can be done in my living room.

Tracee said...

excellent choice Brandie. We got two dance knock offs for Christmas and they are no fun at all. Sometimes you need the real thing.

Anonymous said...

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